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In rest on Cyprus, namely on northern, turkish Cyprus, there are big advantages as the turkish part of island is not yet strongly filled with tourists, and local residents are not so spoilt with attention of visitors they appreciate everyone who has arrived here to have a rest. The majority of visitors - Englishmen, not youth. Accordingly, and rest is supposed quiet enough, confidently detailed, and thus is for reasonable money.

Tour's to Northern Cyprus

I want that you have arrived to me, to Northern Chyprus though on rest though studies or to buy the real estate is as you wish.

Tour's to Northern Cyprus organize many countries, but not each tour agency. To help to have a rest, spend well how it was planned, to not make the wrong choice of rest, hotel, beforehand to receive the necessary information on rest on northern Cyprus - for this purpose just and my site is intended. I am taken to help you with a choice of your rest by the mediterranean sea, to organize a meeting and settlement in hotel if it is necessary - to meet personally, at the airport to transfer you necessary for quiet rest and dialogue with local population the information, to provide with the information at the choice of excursions if it is necessary - I can show all sights of island and itself. I know, that is necessary for the normal tourist because I the same tourist, only now live on Cyprus.

Cyprus - northern Cyprus is a small island with a heap of cosy places for rest.

I think, that Cyprus is pleasant to you too - if you will be adjusted on that variant of rest which to you will not give in other, untwisted resort places, namely - quiet, completely safe place for rest as together, and with children, pure{clean} mediterranean very warm sea (not in the winter, certainly), and a little bit cauntry-patriarchal, is benevolent - slow, without fussiness, but also not braked, the attendants. At first it is a little unusual, and you are then involved, vanity of you leaves, and you are poured in in REST, with laziness, a somnolence, relaxed and in a full unification with the nature. As I not the pro in WEB, I ask to be indulgent to registration of a site, and that the contents is still insufficiently full, and to mistakes, I all the same not the typist, happen, fingers (both) not there get, not at once I notice, and plus to all - I am not a WEB designer, I am the simple tourist who has once got to Cyprus, and it have so attracted me here, that he here and has remained.

How you think, from a balcony of your room such kind will beautiful? Since morning it will be pleasant to be looked?

And from a window of a bungalow, the same hotel, remarkable, but a little other kind. Too many good things, how to you? Through a balcony has got over if to bypass a reluctance, 10 meters to be dragged - and sunbathe - either in the sea, or in swimming pool - to whom that. A bar there and then, under a canopy. Chaise lounges and parasols - where will specify, the personnel has very obliging, pleasant people, obliging.

and maybe in the morning you'll lose your 50 dollars or maybe you will win a 1000???

As people about northern Cyprus writes - directly Tyutchev, I respect!:

There it is silent and comfortable...

The compelled isolation of Northern Cyprus has created surprising reserve for amateurs of a rest. Superb kept antique ruins and orthodox churches of 13 century, wild donkeys, multikilometer deserted beaches, unique breed of people with antique persons and the Oxford education, softness and goodwill, the curiosity, deprived commercial interest - a rare place which do not want abandon Cyprus .
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I Specially for you, English-speaking visitors of my page, I began translation of a site into English. I know language not so well, therefore I use the machine translation system which certainly does some mistakes, and not I see all mistakes and I correct. I am sorry for discrepancies of translation, and a small amount of the translated information. I shall constantly add new pages. On a letter box it is possible to write in English, my children know language well, and they for me will translate your letters.

I open new section, it is extreme at the request of visitor - HOW TO BUY the REAL ESTATE on northern Cyprus. There were the requests, much told, and some person has arrived for purchase of the real estate. For people at which time - money, it is offered service - selection of variants of purchase of the real estate, a meeting in port the interested person support of the transaction, consultation under the transaction, at cost of variants, and other is possible to provide a transfer from the Greek side of island. More in detail -

Weather absolutely years (summer) - +33 air, +26-27 water in the sea. We float hours, even the wife and children for 4-5 hours per the sea, not leaving. Without masks certainly it is so much not floated so long, all at masks, we examine a sea life. On Northern Cyprus she(it) not strongly plentiful as however and on southern, but that it is necessary to eat all. But not so it is a lot of, not as in Thailand, or Egypt, but to look to us suffices. Today again we shall go,for about 1 hour through two - three - and while the sun will not go down.

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See you! Aleksandr.


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